About Us



Connecting people, through wine to give back to the children in our communities.

A simple, but powerful mission. We started a wine importing company in 2018 to further that mission and to eventually be able to showcase the hidden gems we found throughout the world online. The people we meet have amazing stories to tell through their wines and we are here to help them tell it. We realized we could add amazing value to consumers all over the United States by finding wines and people from California to Australia and everything in between. We have an extensive retail background and are taking our consumer first mentality online. We love wine. We love people. We love giving. The AV Wine Shop is our way to reach and help as many children in as many communities as possible. Join us and help change the world through wine.


Who We Are

Simply put, we're a group of childhood friends that got together to start a wine company that allows us to spread the joy of wine, connecting with people and giving back to the community.